May 30th, 2011

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And now it’s time for another ….What’s Happening With the John Hartford Documentary update. We (Marcy and Sheila) have been busy with the organizational process of our film clips for the documentary. Since Marcy lives in Virginia and Sheila lives in Kentucky , it is hard to get together as often as we would like to keep things moving forward. At the beginning of 2011 we discovered how helpful Skype conferencing can be in the editing of our film. We have made major progress in the creation and organization of our chapters for the Documentary through our meetings via Skype.

Marcy has been grinding away (using her animation skills) to complete our trailer called the Life and Music of John Hartford. Hopefully we will be showing our trailer at the John Hartford Memorial Festival that John Hotze is putting together in Bean Blossom, Indiana.

Visit for complete details of the John Hartford Memorial Festival coming Wednesday June 1 through Saturday June 4.

This event is being held at the Bill Monroe Memorial Park in Bean Blossom, Indiana.

We are starting our funding campaign for the money it will take to complete this project. We have been accepted by Kickstarter and we will place our project on the Kickstarter fund raising web site as soon as our trailer is completed. Thanks to Berk Bryant , we have been introduced to a gentleman who has the original manufacturing machinery for Lane’s Cedar Chests from the 1920’s and Patrick Huchens is making a final run of miniature chests with John’s picture and signature for us to use in our fund raising . These miniature chests will be very unique John Hartford memorabilia as there will be no more runs on this machinery . Visit in the upcoming weeks for our spot featuring our documentary film on John Hartford.

Marcy and Sheila made a trip to Niagra Falls, Ontario right after Thanksgiving 2010 to interview Glen Campbell. Glen was wonderful. He provided us with an interview spiced with his Donald Duck vocals…Back in the 60’s John Hartford went to see Dr. Zhivago and was touched by the plot of the movie. He went out to eat after the movie and wrote the lyrics to Gentle on My Mind on a napkin at the table where he was dining. This song changed the life of John Hartford as well as the life of Glen Campbell. Glen put the song out to the public on his Glen Campbell Good Time Hour and John Hartford became a regular on Glen’s show.. This song gave John enough royalties to financially allow John to have the freedom to be creative in his musical journey.

This documentary film will be an archival piece of musical history/ riverboat history told through John’s own eyes and through the the eyes of many of those folks with whom he shared his life journey. John’s musical story will unfold in detail and John’s sense of humor will wind in and out of his story like the rivers John loved.

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