September 19th, 2012

End-of-summer update

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What is happening at TWANG CENTRAL? As of September 2012, Marcy and Sheila are writing script and editing, awaiting permissions, gathering up missing input, transcribing tapes and much much more. Marcy is busy incorporating animation while Sheila just took a trip to Nashville and interviewed Cindy Sinclair. Cindy worked on the Julia Belle Swain during the 70’s when John was decking there to get his hours for his pilot license. Cindy also invited Fletcher Bright and Doc Cullis over to her home to share their piece of John’s story. Doc worked on the Julia Belle along with John and Cindy. Fletcher knew John through the fiddle connection. Fletcher says they were both tune heads …LOVED THOSE FIDDLE TUNES. While Sheila was in Nashville she was able to sit with Sonny Osborne and get a few NASHVILLE stories about John in the Goodle Days.

Sheila and Marcy are busy putting this story together BUT IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to share your unpublished video footage of John with Sheila or Marcy and it is still not too late to make a donation and receive one of the reward gifts we offered during the kickstarter drive.

One of the last interview trips will be made to Chicago in early October to interview Paul Briedenbach who was one of the original Missouri Ridge Runners with John Hartford when he was a teen in St. Louis, MO. Marina Jason of Chicago has offered to share her beautiful archival photos of John, so once again, Sheila and Marcy will scan the night away.

IF you haven’t already, please sign the guest book and tell us your John story. This is Sheila Nichols, signing off from mile marker 604 on the Scenic Ohio River.

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