February 13th, 2007

A Big Hello from TwangCentral

Posted by site admin in Blog

At long last we’ve gone live with TwangCentral! What a milestone for this two-person team. As we launch this site we are wrapping up the production stage of the documentary with some of our final interviews. With the resources collected during our part-time efforts in the last 3 years now coming together, we’ll be channeling our efforts into the most intense work of all, cutting this film together. We have had a lot of help getting to this point from a lot of positive, constructive, fun people, and we will attempt to enumerate them on this site in the coming months, but in the meantime we’d like to especially thank Mr. David Schenk for the use of his wonderful photography in this site’s graphics; Mr. Stephen Hardesty, web/blog consultant extraordinaire, who set this site set up for us; and Mike Nichols, who helped immensely with our editing.
In late February we have some of our last interviews planned; we will be talking with David Bromberg, Mark Schatz and his wife Eileen, and the Smothers Brothers. We’re excited and look forward to hearing their comments and stories about John.
Thanks for looking us up…. More news to come!