Feed the Kitties

Oh, No! It is the dreaded funding stage!

After three years of work, “The Life and Music of John Hartford” is now ready to move into post production; scripting, editing, finishing and marketing. This is the point where the greatest expenses start to occur. The documentary has now entered the funding stage.

So how does one fund a non-profit documentary film? Read on, because this is where we need your “input.”

1) One solution would be winning the lottery (this could take a while),

2) Seeking funding and grants from foundations and businesses, and

3) Holding fund-raising events (details to come).

And while we are trying all the above, ultimately, the success of this documentary will depend on:

4) DONATIONS from those who loved and respected John Hartford and his musical legacy. This is where YOU come in.

Are you ready? This is what you have been waiting for!!! Here is how YOU can support this AereoTwang Documentary… IT IS CALLED….”FEED THE KITTIES”…sorry dog lovers..it is an old cliche’:

1) Make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation via Paypal

2) Make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation via mail:

Send a check or money order made out to:
AereoTwang Musical Preservation Project
4305 Holly Lane
Annandale, VA 22003

3) Tell Friends and other fans of John Hartford about our project and about our web site.

4) OR: drum roll please: just give us YOUR winning lottery ticket.

You will receive a receipt for your donation, along with a certification of our deepest gratitude. No donation is too small. Small adds up.