About AereoTwang

A word about the goals of the AereoTwang Musical Preservation Project

Our current and primary purpose is the creation of a video tribute to the life and music of John Hartford. Over the past five years, the AereoTwang Musical Preservation Project has been archiving the material which will be the basis of this documentary. The archives include pre-existing video of John and his contemporaries (television and concert videos and privately made and owned material), photographs, audio tapes and cds, video, interviews with John’s friends and contemporaries, sketches, transcriptions, and other memorabilia.

In preparation for this project we have met and interviewed many of the cast of characters in John’s life. We have visited his many worlds; the steamboat and river world, the old-time, bluegrass, and country music world, and the creative world of John’s mind, where limitless curiosity and a passion for learning and archiving fed his talents for visual arts, poetry and music.

We are especially grateful to have the blessing of John’s children, Jamie Hartford and Katie Harford Hogue. We are also thankful for the information, insight and other contributions of Earl Scruggs, George Gruhn, Bob Carlin, Larry Perkins, Chris Sharp, Mike Compton, Pete Wernick, Steven Haley, Buddy Spicher, Mark O’Connor, Matt Combs, Gabe Chengary, Jim and David Schenk, The Dillards, Marty Stuart, Ramona Jones, Cowboy Jack Clement, Les Leverett, Leroy Troy, Bruce Molsky, David Holt, Darol Anger and many others.

AereoTwang is producing this project as an unaffiliated independent, organized as a non-profit corporation. We wish to create a video that captures that special John Hartford magic -one that is as “John like” as possible. The producers are fiddlers in the old-time tradition that have been inspired by John. Until now, this has been a grass roots, out-of-pocket project. We invite you now to contribute to the remaining and all important phases - the final production, post production and distribution of this heartfelt tribute.

Some of our goals for the future include:

  • Sponsorship of scholarships in music instruction in various genres.
  • Continuing our [education] and research into the various musical styles and regional differences in various genres and providing instruction in music and related dance forms
  • Organizing seminars and workshops where music and music history can be taught and discussed
  • Encouraging and organizing live public performances of art forms by students, performers, master musicians and music historians; and
  • Engaging in further activities which educate the public about music.

Marcy Cochran and Sheila Nichols, Co-producers , The Life and Music of John Hartford, an AereoTwang Musical Preservation Project Documentary.

Sheila Nichols, Louisville, KY Marcy Cochran, Annandale, VA
sheila@twangcentral.org marcy@twangcentral.org
(703) 980-4322 (c)
(502) 417-0133 (c) (703) 280-2085 (o)